Meet the Trustees

FEBCambodia is overseen by a governing Board of Trustees, some Cambodian, some from the expatriate community.


MR. RICK DE GRAAF, chairman of the Board of Trustees.A Canadian, he has technical gifts, a keen interest in electronics and radio, and is interested in developing effective Boards and organizations.Mr. Rick siad,“I’m passionate that all may know and experience God’s grace through the communication of the Good News by word and deed. Being on the board of FEBCambodia is my privilege to use my God given training, experiences and spiritual gifts to encourage the Executive Director and staff to help them lead so that FEBCambodia can be all that God enables it to be.”

 4122987 orig  MR.TROY TABOR, is vice chairman.An American, he is Media Ministries Director with the Assemblies of God in Cambodia and also serves as Board Chairman for the Cambodia Community Bible Institute. A former youth pastor, Troy holds a BA degree in Bible and Missions and has done short term missions work in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. He has worked in Cambodia since 1994.Mr. Troy said, “I am passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God growing in Cambodia, and seeing the love and grace of Jesus Christ at work in the hearts and lives of the Cambodian people. FEBCambodia provides a unique opportunity to both promote unity and discipleship in the Cambodian church, and spread the good news of God’s saving grace to those who have yet to hear. God has already done great things through the work of FEBCambodia, and I believe God has more in store for FEBCambodia than we can ever ask or imagine!”
 9549630  MRS. SAMOEUN INTAL is a Board member Emeritus. She lived in the Philippines for 18 years from 1975 to 1993. Early on in that period she became a Christian, and joined FEBC Philippines on the Cambodian desk.In 1993 she returned to Cambodia with her Filipino husband Robledo and set up FEBC Family FM99.5Mz. Mrs. Samoeun said, " Radio can be where the people are, and they may never have the opportunity to hear the gospel without the voice being sent via air wave. Being setting up FEBC and Family FM 99.5 is a grace and blessing from our Lord so we can be close in ministering to our listeners more effectively (as many years our Khmer broadcast is from Manila, Philippine through SW)"
4466587   REV. JOE KONG converted to Christ in the USA in 1975.  He served from 1986-2009 with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in the USA, first as superintendent of its Cambodian churches, then as National Director of all ethnic Alliance churches there. Re-visiting Cambodia in the early 90s, he co-founded Cambodian Christian Services, now the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia. In 2009 Joe and his wife Kay returned to Cambodia as C&MA missionaries.Rev. Joe said,“I’m passionate about Cambodia as a nation to fear God and worship Him alone as the Creator and Savior of the world through His beloved Son Jesus Christ. As an ordained minister of the gospel, formal denomination leader, administrator along with other outstanding board members to help FEBCambodia to be successful in its mission to reach Cambodia for Christ.”
1891186   MR. ED WARD CANNON, FEBC USA President."I’m passionate about the Great Commission — to reach those who have never heard the Gospel before. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of FEBC which has made, and is making, such a powerful impact on the world for Christ. We have the potential of reaching 3 billion people every day, nearly half of the world’s population, with the Good News!”
 5546560  MR. Frank Gray, is Britist, is intergral consulting.

MR. Frank said, “My passion for FEBCambodia is to help it make an even wider impact in the growth of God’s Kingdom among the Khmer people. Radio and media have a huge part to play as we tell people about Jesus and help his followers come to maturity. As the board of FEBCambodia it is about counsel and accountability for the leadership as we work to strengthen the ministry and plan for the future”.

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