Led to faith over the phone

Ly, a farmer in Preah Vihear, rang into a Family FM program one day, very thrilled. He had been healed from a debilitating condition through the prayers of some Christian missionaries. Now, he wanted to know Jesus for himself!

Ly is a rice farmer who lives in a remote village in Preah Vihear A few weeks before he phoned us he had been an invalid, suffering from a painful condition in his legs and unable to walk without help.

But members of another Christian organisation who were visiting the area heard about Ly and went to see him. They shared the Gospel, and prayed for his healing. They also told him about Family FM and encouraged him to listen in.

Not only did Ly listen; he phoned our program Meet the Listener, which offers listeners a chance to interact with us and each other. With great excitement, Ly announced that after being prayed for in Jesus’ name, he was able to walk! He told listeners: “Please, believe Jesus! He is God!”

He then announced that he wanted to give his life to Jesus.

Christian listeners were quick to phone the program to encourage him. “God is our God too!” they cried.

After the program, Pu (“Uncle”) Kann from the Family FM Audience Relations Team telephoned Ly, talked to him for a while and then led him in prayer .

Since then the Family FM team has kept in touch with Ly through regular phone calls. AR co-ordinator Phary Sao reports: “Ly says he is now able to help his wife in the ricefield.”

Ly can’t get to church yet, as the nearest one is several kilometers from his house. At present, his one source of teaching and fellowship is Family FM. Meantime he is desperate for a Bible and the Family FM team is looking for a way to get one to him.

Update (March 2011): Ly now has a Bible and has found a church.  Moreover his wife and 2 of his 3 children now believe in Jesus too.

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