New Children's Program

"Being a Christian does not mean denying your culture!" That is one of the message of the children’s program Nara and Grandpa Choy which explains Christian truth and addresses some misconceptions.

Nara and Grandpa Choy is the title of an innovative program for children produced by the Assemblies of God in Phnom Penh.

In each episode Nara shares with Grandpa a problem or dilemma he has experienced. Together they travel to an imaginary ‘Bible Castle” where Grandpa tells Nara a Bible story relating to his problem, complete with special effects and music.

The program sets out to explain basic Christian truths and at the same time address some common misconceptions. Each episode ends with a song which reinforces the message. “I’m a Cambodian kid!” shows children that they don’t need to deny their culture if they becoming Christians; while “I am not afraid!” shows them that a Christian child does not need to fear the spirits of their ancestors.

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