"Krus FM is a part of life"


It was so struggling to be a widow with three sons after my husband passed away. Due to depression and living problems, did not know what to do to support children. Sometimes I want to run away and end my life. But because of my pity children, I tried to stand up and move on. A hopeless life, fear still lingers in me. I always as myself, why? why? Thank God Almighty who picked me out of the hopeless, gave me hope, provided me a job, strength, courage to seek the true God. In God's plan, He guided my friend to me, invited me to listen to encouragement and the Word of God through Christian Radion ( Krusa FM). The miracle, Thank you, Lord Jesus, I have learned to trust Him and grow in my faith after hearing the encouraging words and Christian programs. My wholehearted Trust in God, Jesus. He changed me completely, with peace of mind and spiritual growth. Thank you, Jesus, for being a blessing to me as my children have received Christ as their Savior. God still uses me to share the Gospel with the hopeless. Krus FM is a part of life.

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