"God had done the miracle"


My name is Sithan live in Kandal province. In my previous life, I was not a Christ-follower. My mother was the first generation who accepted Christ as the savior through Krusa FM radio. My mother often turned on the radio loudly with the purpose shared the word of God with us. We did not care and paid attention to what we hear. Every week my mother would persuade us to joined Sunday worship. Anyway, I would always avoid her. One day a sister as a Church member warmly invited me into the Church service with my mother. In His grace, my mother prayer with trust the Lord, and God answered. God called me to open my heart to hear the Gospel through a Christian radio station. God had done the miracle to my heart, leads to spiritual comfort and guidance to‚Äč receive the true God. My mother and I are so joyful to attend Church. Thanks to Krusa FM for helping me to trust God and love God more. Thanks to Krusa FM for being such an important part of the Church. May God bless you even more.

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