"New Life with Happiness "

In everyday life we had conflict because he had not responsible for the family income and also drunk and didn’t treat me well. I was so worried about the consequence of sin. Some of those days we had no food. I encouraged my husband to go to fishing but he said why he needs to do and for what, his action did not care about us. I was really hurtful and hopeless because he did not care for the family. We always fight when he got drunk. I prayed the Muslim prayer but no help nothing changed. One day I was tuning on the radio. The first Chanel was Muslim than I changed, the second Chanel was Buddhism, and I changed again and keep tuning I hear a channel was talking about Parenting in that was also talking about domestic violence. It touched me a lot. It was all about love, care for each other, speaking nice to each other…etc. I was thinking that what my family need. So I decided to listen to that channel and remember that channel name is Family FM 99.5. After I’ve been listening to the different program in family FM 99.5, whenever my husband came home and was so rude to me, I was patient and respond in a very nice way to him as what I learnt. Once in while I told him about good program in Family FM and encourage him to listen. When my husband saw my behavior changed, he started to open and listen as well. We both listen every day. It was after a week, I decided to find the church and accepted Christ as my savor. My Church’s name is Jahea, it is in Jahea Village. I pray for my husband every day that God will do his miracle to my husband to accept Him as well. Although he has not yet accepted Him but his behavior has changed. He has started to help me to go fishing every day. We both help each other to support the family. He doesn’t drink much or being violence anymore. He has started to use good words to me. He likes to listen to family FM and he knows more about God”.

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