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"I have learned so much about how to take care of my children."

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Through radio, FEBCambodia addresses need at all levels : spiritual, practical, emotional and social. Many of our FM programs are live phone-in shows, allowing our listeners to share their views and their questions.

We talk about issues like family health, children’s rights,  IT, law and business. We invite experts on these topics to the studio to take part in discussions and take calls from listeners.

Many Cambodians are deeply scarred by the past and their children are affected too. Trained Christian counsellors explore relationship issues and emotional problems and invite listeners to phone in and talk their problems through.

For Christians and others who are interested, we broadcast Bible studies, Christian testimony and song, and programs offering discipleship and leadership training. In this we complement the work of the local church, helping it to fulfil its own ministry of sharing the Gospel and making disciples.

These are just a few of the programs aired on Family FM 99.5:

Nara and Grandpa Choy is a program for children produced by the Assemblies of God. Through a lively mix of drama and song, the program explains basic Christian truths and addresses some common misconceptions. (Sunday 12.30-1 pm, and 5-5.30 pm)


Healing the Heart – this live phone-in counseling program hosted by local pastor Kru Vannak seeks to help members of the community deal with some of the emotional, mental and relational issues prevalent in Cambodian families today. (Wednesday and Thursday, 9-9.30 pm)

My Faith is a live program exploring issues of Christianity and offering listeners the opportunity to phone in with comments and questions. (Fridays 4-5 pm)


Shine! – a live phone-in show for young people exploring issues which affect their age group  - such as relationships, careers and drugs. (Fridays 12-1 pm. repeated Wednesday 5.30-6.30 pm)

Precious Woman - a live phone-in show featuring the NGO of the same name offers advice to women in exploitative  or abusive situations and encourages them to know their value in the eyes of God. (Tuesday 2-3 pm)


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