Love and Relationships

To mark St Valentine’s Day this year, Family FM made a series of programs looking at the real meaning of love – and encouraging young people to be wise in their relationships.

Celebrating St Valentine’s Day is becoming increasingly fashionable in Cambodia. Often it’s seen as an occasion for sex between dating couples - a growing trend here, fuelled by Hollywood movies, the internet and other global media.  Sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies and broken hearts are all too often the outcome. Secular groups as well as the Church are concerned about this recent shift in moral values.

Continuing the theme ‘Lasting Love Waits’ introduced by a joint church initiative in Phnom Penh a year ago, Family FM  broadcast special programs this year in the run-up to St Valentine’s Day. Programming Director Makara Samphal says: “Through a series of short features as well as a special song entitled ‘Lasting Love Waits’, we were reminding young people to avoid sexual relationships before marriage.”

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