"Trusting in God gives me joy and strength"


My name is Vanny‚Äč live in Phnom Penh City. I was an orphan from the Pol Pot regime. I was staying alone. Out of pity, my foster mother took care of me. Sometimes life is hard, followed by blame and discouragement, and everything is not as easy as I thought. Every time I go to the market, I go through the church and want to join them. One day I decided to ask permission from my mother to go to church, she allowed me in. Every Sunday, encouraged by warmth, I grew to know God and received to accept Jesus as my Savior. The church encourages me to listen to Krusa FM Christian broadcasting with many good programs and God's word too. Persecution by my foster mother made life difficult, and she was not allowed to go to church anymore. One day my foster mother broke up with me and sent me to live somewhere else away. I decided to leave with tears in my eyes. I thank her for everything and for providing for me in the past. Everything is in God's plan. I pray with trust in God almighty and prepare the way for my life and the way maker. Thank you to the Church member for their kindness and encouragement to me a lot, especially Krusa FM. Trusting in God gives me joy and strength, grows in faith, and gives me hope. Krusa FM is my teacher, my friend, and an important helper. Thank you very much to Krsau FM. God bless even more to be the hope for the hopeless.

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