Listener Stories

"God had done the miracle"

My name is Sithan live in Kandal province. In my previous life, I was not a Christ-follower. My mother was the first generation who accepted Christ as the savior through Krusa FM radio. My mother often turned on the radio loudly with the purpose shared the word of God with us. We did not care and paid attention to what we hear.

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"Trusting in God gives me joy and strength"

My name is Vanny‚Äč live in Phnom Penh City. I was an orphan from the Pol Pot regime. I was staying alone. Out of pity, my foster mother took care of me. Sometimes life is hard, followed by blame and discouragement, and everything is not as easy as I thought.

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"Krus FM is a part of life"

It was so struggling to be a widow with three sons after my husband passed away. Due to depression and living problems, did not know what to do to support children. Sometimes I want to run away and end my life. But because of my pity children, I tried to stand up and move on. A hopeless life, fear still lingers in me. I always as myself, why? why?

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The voice of this station still comforts me now matter where I am.

Somaly believed Jesus by listening to Family FM, when she was not married yet. After a while ago, she got married with a non-believer. She said, “I always used to pray for my husband to believe God and also used to request a lot of my fellow believers to pray for him.


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I am listening Family FM through Facebook.

Thida says in a phone call:
“After I moved to Siem Reap, I was not able to access the frequencies of Family FM and that time my faith was getting weaker and I used to feel so lonely. But nowadays, I have been listening to this radio station through Facebook. 

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Blessed to listen Family FM

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