Family FM Offers Seeds of The "miracle tree"

Family FM’s agriculture programme encourages organic farming methods that promote a clean environment and family health. Recent programmes featuring the nutrient-rich moringa tree, and offering seeds to listeners, have generated special interest.



Family FM has been offering listeners a special gift: a packet of moringa seeds packaged by the Christian group CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates). CAMA also manufactures moringa powder, oil and capsules and promotes moringa as part of its health education program.

The moringa tree - known in some circles as the ‘miracle tree’ - is packed with vitamins as well as calcium, iron and protein. People who take moringa products report benefits such as lower blood pressure, relief from joint pain, better sleep, improved energy and better eyesight. Moringa is also reported to boost the immune system and help relieve the side effects of Anti Retro Virals in AIDS patients.

CAMA missionary Doris Strong says: “God really provides for his children, and moringa is right here for them. I think God’s revealing it to men today, help them with their health.”

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