"The word of God heals my heart"

Led to faith in Christ as a young girl, Srey Pat forgot her faith during the horrors of the Pol Pot years. Then, a few years ago, someone told her about Family FM.

Srey Pat is a middle-aged lady whom we met at one of our radio rallies in Koh Kong province. She told us she had been led to faith in Jesus as a young girl. Then came the Pol Pot years and she forgot all about her faith. Divorce added to her sorrows. A few years ago she discovered Family FM. She didn’t have a radio of her own but she used to borrow her sister’s. The message she heard on Family FM reminded her of the time she had trusted in Jesus, and she decided to start going to church. Soon afterwards, Srey Pat recommitted her life to Jesus.

“The Word of God heals my heart,” Srey Pat told us. At the rally she received a radio of her own: now she can listen whenever she wants to.

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