"I First Heard about Woman's Program!"


My name is Prak Von. I live in Prek Pdao, Roka Koung 1, Mok Kampoul, Kandal. I have two sons and I am a seller(Sell banana and vagetable). I believed in God since 1985 through a woman named Sokun from a church in the city. Before believing, I had many difficulties and would offer to the evil spirits. I especially suffered because of my husband he had a new girl in the time that my baby was a little only one month adn three days. My heart was broken and hopeless because nobedy stand with me and help me. That why one of my friend told me if you excep Jesus my life will be joyful. After I received Jesus Christ, my life became better, because God with me. I thank God that He has chosen me to be His child and He transform me to become a new person who love to share Gospel to other in my whole village and i start to gethering people to come to waship the Lord at my house and my mother also excepted Christ as her savour. God gives me the best gift of prayer when my neigbor was sick i went to share Gospel and pray for them after that they got heal, people start to come to the Lord more and more at my house with diffrent time to study bible and pray together until night. One day the police came to my house and stopped us to waship the Lord and they cautch my mother and some people who came to study bible at my house and I to the police office. Some of them was fall and stopped believe God because they scared and the police asked my mother why did you believe Jesus and my mother told them that because i have sin and Jesus can save me from my sin. And my mother and we had a strong commitmen to stand srong and they kept us one night in the present than next tomorrow they let us out because they couldn’t find our mistake but they did not allow us to gethering the people anymore. Anyway I still keep doing the same thing. Letter on, in 2012 while i was walking i saw a radio box (Family FM) to make me interested to listen, so when i got home i tried to tune in to Family FM. I first heard about woman program talking about woman ablication as a father and mother was touching my heart because it’s the same my story life. I have two sons but they left me and my husband did not help me at all. I was so discouragement and many things was happening in that time but Family FM is the one who close to me and encourage me to keep move forward to live and serve God. I start to love all the programs in Family FM and i listener everyday.

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