"I know the true God"


My name is Heang home is in Seim Reap but I move to Kampong Speu province to work as a teacher. I decided to accept Jesus in 2013 because I see good examples from colleagues and teacher who always guided me every day never tireless, although sometimes I refused and ignored him. I tried to tell him that I can not believe Jesus because my parents do not allow me to follow Him. I used to pray to Jesus and said; l can not believe Him as well. One day, my father was sick so I took him to the hospital in Phnom Penh alone, the doctor told him that he need surgery straight away with urinate urgently, and I also have to make decisions without having someone nearly when my father was in the room my uncle came and he blamed me because I mad decision  alone. Then was a time that I suffered fear, loneliness find nothing to say just crying. I was afraid of losing the one who I love because of my decision, a lot of people who always beside me, and then I recall that invisible but what’s strange is that I remembered the person I’ve always denied nor thinking, Jesus Christ, I cried and said to Jesus, every time I said to him that if He is truly God, please protect my father was out of danger now. Then I fell that He loves me and I always remember that I tried to avoid and deny Him. I believed Him in that day. However, I still not strong with Him, one of my roommates always told me to listen to family Radio 99.5 every time. She loves to share her headphones with me to listen to the Radio. Is one that helps to know Jesus better, and I know that my life richly valued, and even though I’m nothing like everything else Christ who full fill me. I would like to thank God for Family FM and all my friends who help me to know true God. I would like to invite everyone to listen to Family FM is a helper and encouragement all the time.

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