"I always used to think that I was worthless"

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To be a Christian is easy but to live a Christian life needs more patience and faith. Hello! My name is Chan Saul and I am 61 years old. I am illiterate, and have never gone to school. I always used to think that I was worthless but believing in Jesus made my life and thoughts transformed.

I had known about Jesus through a pastor but I lacked the better understanding of the word of God because I can’t read Bible. Once I knew about the Family Fm and started listening to its broadcasts. My heart knew no boundary because the programs were exactly what I had ever wanted to listen. It helped me to know the word of God and the power of prayer. I used to bow down my knees to pray for my family that they may accept Jesus and of course God answered my prayer. My husband including my 9 children accepted Jesus Christ.

The paths of Christian journey were not always smooth. There were many ups and downs in life. My husband was away from home to study in Bible school and I had to take the whole responsibilities of my children. At the same time I and my children were sick. There was no one to look around us but God gave me strength to get victory over every trials and temptations. Now my husband is a pastor of a church called Amazing grace of Oung Svay Chakwhere there are almost 60 believers. We always encourage our believers to listen to the Family FM. This FM has not only strengthened my faith but also has provided spiritual nutrition to my family and church members.  

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