The voice of this station still comforts me now matter where I am.

Somaly believed Jesus by listening to Family FM, when she was not married yet. After a while ago, she got married with a non-believer. She said, “I always used to pray for my husband to believe God and also used to request a lot of my fellow believers to pray for him.


Praise the Lord, that he has now accepted Jesus as his savior. Now, we have a 4- years old daughter. After the birth of my daughter, I had to move to different province where the frequency of Family FM was not reachable. But, when I heard that it is also live in Facebook, my happiness got no boundary. The voice of this station still comforts me, no matter where I am. 
Please pray for:
-My husband’s family has been persecuting us because we are Christians.
-We don’t have our own place to live and were living in one of our relative’s land. Now, we have to move from there also. Please pray for God’s blessing to have our own house.

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