This whole world is surviving because of love, love and love…

Couple photo Love is the foundation of life. Everything is based upon love. Every living creature whether plant, animal or human needs love.  Yes, this whole world is surviving because of love, love and love…  

Love has its expression in different forms. One of these expressions is love in the family. Family is another essential part of life. Everyone needs family and the love. As water is important for the life, so as love is important for family.

But many of the families today lack that love. Husband has no love towards his wife and similarly wife has no love for her husband. As a result of that, their children are being affected. They had to suffer all kind of emotional, mental and spiritual trauma that nothing can compensate. In Cambodia, because of the Khmer Rouge whole meaning of family and love was exploited. Families were forced to separate and also every single family has experiences about losing their family members. The result of that violence is still in the hearts of the people and their families.

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Knowing this importance of love and family, Krusa FM 99.5(Family FM) organized a family seminar in October13th 2016 where there were 33 couples (33 males and 33 females), 7 single parents and 32 children. The topic of the seminar was Daily life in Marriage; Signs of Love, followed by different team workshops and personal reflection to the topic.

At the end of the session, we asked our participants about their response to this program. 

43 years Doung Meng who is already married for 16 years and has 3 children responded that this workshop has helped him to understand about the values of family and its importance in God’s sight. He also added that when we call upon God for his mercy to our family then we will receive peace and joy.  

Nhaem Soka, married for 37 years, has 7 children and is 65 years old said that by this workshop she understood that both husband and wife needs to have understanding, mutual respect, sense of helping and giving time to each other. She continued that there should be no violence or threating in a marriage, and after all what is really important is to love one another and to keep God first in everything. 

        Likewise, having 5 children and married for 23 years, Haem Rima shares that when she reflects back to her past activities regarding her marriage then that was not good and were not enough to live a beautiful married life. But from now onwards she will work hard to improve on her behaviors and will be a good example in her neighbors so that when her neighbors see the love and peace in her family they will know about the work of God.

Krusa FM(Family FM 99.5) has also been broadcasting  a radio program called “Strengthening Family” every Tuesday from 4-5 pm (live) and also on Saturday 4-5pm (recorded). 

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