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Meet our staff: Chan Rukha Var

 "God knows me clearly, than I know myself.”                  

Chan Rukha Var is a current HR and Administrative officer of  Voice of Love Cambodia.

Already been with VOLCambodia for 18 years, Rukha remembers how God has lifted up his life from Khmer Rouge to till now.

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Preserving marriage, preserving family

   Marriage is an important, once-in a-life-event for most people. It is a big transition which has power to influence your life drastically. It is a promise that couples make about living together till the end of their life no matter what happens, and always being there for each other in the happiest and hardest times.

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This whole world is surviving because of love, love and loveā€¦

Couple photo Love is the foundation of life. Everything is based upon love. Every living creature whether plant, animal or human needs love.  Yes, this whole world is surviving because of love, love and love…  

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